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One Osteopathy offers a mobile osteopathic practice specialising in the treatment of humans and horses of all ages.

All equipment is supplied to be able to treat both you and your horses at your  location of choice.

Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine which recognises the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions.

One Osteopathy – Our primary objectives
– Improve the balance of your entire body
– Diagnose and help you understand the cause of your pain or dysfunction
– Show you how to adapt to improve functionality
– Use highly effective, often subtle, gentle therapy

Principal Osteopath, Dr. Grant Kemlo, uses a range of techniques including Soft Tissue, Stretching and Manipulation:
– Help restore normal tissue tone, balance and equilibrium
– Allow your body’s inherent ability to heal work more efficiently
– Restore normal structure and optimise function
– Provide freedom from pain and disability.

At One Osteopathy, we collaborate with Doctors, Specialists other Healthcare Professionals:
– Ensures your best possible outcome in the shortest possible time
– Treatments restore functionality and optimise improvement
– Avoids long drawn-out treatment plans.

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Principal Osteopath, Dr. Grant Kemlo takes a holistic approach to your wellness with focus on:
– Skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs
– How body, mind and spirit function as one holistic unit
– Treating the whole person.

Grant graduated in 2005 with a Masters in Osteopathy from Victoria University and is a Registered Osteopathic Physician and member of Osteopathy Australia.


Grant successfully completed a 2 year Post Graduate in Animal Chiropractics at RMIT University, Melbourne, in 2008, and is now a Registered Member of Animal Biomechanical Professionals Australia.

One Osteopathy provides mobile Osteopathic treatment for horses:
– Works closely with veterinarians
– Optimises animal recovery
– Integrates the treatment of horse and rider
– Achieves optimum rider comfort, human-horse interaction and performance.

the benefits



Strength Building

Stress Relief


Relax & Refresh


Beauty of Body


Mind & Soul



  • 5 star review  Grant is definitely one of the best chiros I've met. He is friendly, professional and is great with horses. He saw my horse for one session and my horse is moving so much better. He struggled to cross over with his front legs, because he was so tight in his chest, however after Grant saw him, he is able to cross over. Just incredible!! I will definitely recommend him to everyone.

    thumb Ida Van Niekerk

    5 star review  After having an introductory session with Grant for myself and my dressage horse I was so impressed with the results in the days after the treatments. I noticed a huge positive change in my horse's movement, suppleness and overall he just felt happier in his work and his body. I also noticed a positive improvement in myself as well; I've struggled for a long time with back and shoulder pain from riding and the treatment from Grant helped alleviate the pain that I was experiencing. I highly recommend Grant's equine and human osteopathy treatments and will continue to use him for myself and my horse to keep us both fit and happy! �

    thumb Aiyana Levin

    5 star review  I have been using Grant over a few years now to treat a few different horses. Each and every one of them come out so much better for his work, both in minor and major cases. He has a real way with them, with every horse seeming to trust him from the get-go no matter the complaint. Can't recommend him highly enough and one of these days I'll get him to have a look at me too! Best of both worlds 🙂

    thumb Amy Brydon
  • 5 star review  1 treatment with Grant fixed 4 years of back pain. Forever grateful and the horse is happy too!

    thumb Vanessa Dixon

    5 star review  I can not thank Grant enough. He has treated my horses over the years, he is very gentle & takes the time to work through there issues. Until last week, I had to call on him myself. Grant squeezed me in for a treatment of which eased my pain. I thought I was traveling along ok until something happened in my lower back where I had very limited movement & was in excruciating pain. Grant came to my house & treated me in his own time to make me comfortable. I highly recommend One Osteopathy �

    thumb Rarnie Wigzell

    5 star review  I had my first treatment last week after months of having Grant treat my lucky horses! Headaches were a daily norm for me, as was pain in both hips while I slept (or tried to). I'm amazed to report no headaches since my treatment and no disturbed sleep! Happy happy!

    thumb Dodi Rogan
  • 5 star review  HIGHLY impressed and quiet shocked at the effort and time Grant put into my pony. The results I got from just one session was commendable. I was particularly impressed with how gentle and understanding he was towards my pony which is worth its weight in gold to me. My horses loved the treatment and is the best she's ever been. Thanks Grant

    thumb Nicole Attenborough

    5 star review  We all love Grants visirs and treatments both horses and humans

    thumb Moira Kelly

    5 star review  I highly recommend grant- I have seen him for over 5 years now! He corrected years of migraines and has an amazing feel good pregnancy program to help with the niggles aches and pains!!

    thumb Jewlz Chauhan

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